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November 2022 Minutes

This Month


Happy November Birthday to:

  • Sue Munson
  • Ellen Nordal

Happy December Birthday to:

  • Su Fennern
  • Sharon Kaminski
  • Patti Locicero

If we missed your birthday or have you in the wrong month, please let us know!

November Meeting Minutes

We enjoyed learning about button holes! Copies of the November handouts are linked below. Su Fennern used a YouTube video as “projectionist and teacher” for four different button holes. We also have a list of websites for the kitchen towel patterns.

Election Results:

President – Sharon Kaminski

Secretary – Judith Bither

Continuing as Treasurer – Debbie Juul

Thank you, ladies, for volunteering!


After a discussion about the cost of meeting at Willamette Heritage Center now charging $15 per hour, the group decided to reserve the room for three hours: 9:45 AM – 12:45 PM. This allows for more set-up and time after the meeting, but our meeting hours will remain 10 AM – 12 PM.

Dues will now be $30 per year. Membership forms will be available at December Meeting—people can pay with check or cash. Remember, nothing will be deposited in the Guild account until after January 1, 2023, because of the Department of Justice Report we have to file.

Other Topics

We still need members to sign up for Magic at the Mill, December 19-23, each night from 5:30 – 8:30 PM.

We have a charity to knit hats and scarves for Breast Cancer survivors. Joyce Cook will be the contact point.

November Show & Tell Patterns

Upcoming Events

December Meeting – Aran Learn Along and End of Year Show & Tell

The Aran Learn Along has come to an end. Even if you haven’t finished your scarf, please bring it so we can all see your lovely work. For those that have a finished scarf, please wear it and show it off.

Keeping in the spirit of wearing and you have a scarf or shawl that you can’t figure out how to wear it – bring it.  There must be someone from our group that can figure it out. If not, we’ll Google it!!

Even if you know how to wear all your scarves and shawls but you finished one during 2022 that you really like, bring it for showing. Many of you have knitted critters, hats, sweaters, and whatever; let us see your handiwork. And give you some compliments.

All previous monthly Learn Along patterns and other information can be found on the Guild’s Learn Along web page.

Coral Reef Project

Check out the Coral Reef Project on the Salem Millstream Knitting Guild website, including a selection of patterns – both knit and crochet. You can also visit Coral Knit Fiber Arts and click on “The Community Coral Reef Project” for more information and inspiration.

Other Events


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