SMKG Procedures

Board Member Procedures


Salem Millstream Knitting Guild (“SMKG”) has a checking account at Umpqua Bank-2710 Commercial Street SE, Salem OR 97302. The Guild checking account has a debit card. The President and Treasurer are signees on the account. Checks for $250.00 or more must be signed by the Treasurer and another Officer. Checks for less than $100.00 are ordinarily signed by the Treasurer but may be signed by another Officer when requested to do so by the Treasurer.

No Officer is authorized to signed a check made out to him or herself.

Upon election of a new Officer, a letter will be written to the bank requesting changes be made to the authorizer’s signers of the account. The new Officer will be added, and the previous Officer will be removed.

Condolence Expenses

Upon a death of a member’s immediate family (spouse or minor children) the Guild will send flowers or a donation per the family’s direction in the amount of $50.00. The Treasurer makes arrangements for the gift.

Expenditure Reimbursement

Members may be reimbursed for supplies and other allowable purchases based on original receipts and the completed Expense Form. Guild officers may request reimbursement for printing costs at a rate of $.15 for black and white and $.60 for color.

Nonprofit Registration

SMKG is registered with the Oregon Secretary of State as a nonprofit organization. An annual update is required to keep the registration current. The President is responsible for the annual renewal.

As a registered Non-profit, SMKG is required to submit a report to the Oregon Department of Justice annually.

Post Office Box

SMKG has a post office box at the Vista Branch located at 3624 Commercial Street SE – 97302. The box number is 3444. The box should be checked at least once a month. There are two (2) keys to the box. The Treasurer and President each have a key.

Program Coordinator

The program coordinator works with presenters to fill the program for the monthly Guild meetings. The program coordinator is encouraged to enlist Guild members for input and help contacting presenters. The Guild generally does not pay presenters, but the coordinator may request the Board to approve an occasional exception to pay a presenter.

The Guild allows presenters to sell yarn and yarn-related products and keep the proceeds as compensation. In addition, the Guild reimburses presenters for their mileage to attend an in-person Guild meeting at the current federal mileage rate. (The current rate is available on the Internet at:


A member may volunteer to serve as the Webmaster for the Guild. The Webmaster is responsible to post updates to the Guild website – The Webmaster also works with the Treasurer to pay the domain registration and other hosting fees.


The Guild occasionally receives donations of yarn or other knitting related items. A Board member or other volunteer will store the items and bring to each meeting for attendees to take home. Three months after the donation is received, the Guild will donate the remaining items. The Guild does not provide a receipt or estimate the value of the items donated.

rev. January 2022