Community Fiber Coral Reef

photos of knitted coral reefs
Community Coral Reef Project

Coral Knit Fiber Arts is creating an installation which will allow people to walk through an underwater fiber art world. They welcome donations of healthy and bleached corals, underwater creatures, and items knitted and crocheted from reclaimed and recycled plastics. The goal is to emphasize the beauty and diversity of the undersea world while educating about climate change and pollution by maritime plastics.

A group meets in Lincoln City at the Lincoln City Cultural Center every second Saturday from 10-4. The deadline is August 1, 2023. They hope to display the reef at a number of locations throughout the Pacific Northwest starting at the Lincoln City Cultural Center in September 2023. 

You can visit Coral Knit Fiber Arts and click on The Community Coral Reef Project for more information, patterns, and inspiration. All techniques and skill levels welcome! Tag your projects on social media #pnwcommunitycoralreef.

Salem Millstream Knitting Guild is supporting the Community Coral Reef Project.

We are providing general information on the project and provide links to various patterns below. Teaselwick Wools (In Willamette Heritage Center) is a drop off site for finished coral reef items.

knitted and crocheted coral reef items in various bright colors such as pink, yellow, green purple, blue, red, orange