Meeting Minutes

June 2020 Minutes

This Month:

We had a total of ten members attend the Zoom meeting on Saturday morning.

We did not have an agenda for the meeting other than to chat about life and knitting. We didn’t take notes about everything that was shared, but do remember that a lovely brioche shawl (Leaf Crescent Brioche Shawl), ear-savers and mask cover, blankets, romper, hat, and a felting project were shared and discussed. There were other items discussed and shown, so apologies for any that were missed.

Patty Scruggs shared an article last week via email that she found enjoyable, so we’re passing the link along to you: Shearing Sheep, and Hewing to Tradition, on an Island in Maine.

We need to decide whether or not we want to continue to have more virtual meetings via Zoom. We want to get YOUR opinion. Please take this SurveyMonkey survey by June 27 to have your opinions heard.

Thank you!

Meeting Minutes

February 2020 Minutes

This Month:

Welcome new members and guests!

Birthdays in February:

Joyce Cook
Patty Scruggs

Guild Business

Audit Committee

We need members to serve on the Audit Committee. Marcia Smith and Kathy Goebel volunteered.

SMKG CafePress Store

Members are all encouraged to visit the CafePress site that Teresa has set up if they would like to purchase items. There are water bottles, hats and nice tote bags available.

Show and Tell

We passed around a form for everyone to write down their show and tell projects with the pattern details.

February Program

Charity Sit & Knit

We had a sit & knit for charity! If you already have projects that you knit for charity, bring them to the next meeting. We will take some time for everyone to share the patterns they use when doing charity knitting. If you don’t have any charity knitting, here are some free patterns that can get you started making items for other folks.

Hats of all kinds!

Here are some patterns that you may want to purchase that give proceeds to various charitable causes:

This list is for free patterns that are used by other wildlife refuge places:

  • Sweater for penguins
  • Hanging Bird Nest
  • Rescue Nests for Birds
  • Rescue Nest for animals
  • Shelter Kitten and Wildlife Cozy
  • Rescue Cave Nests
  • Patterns for pet blankets
  • Rescued Battery Hen Jumper

Next Meeting

March Meeting will be Pom-Pom making

Please bring any pom-pom makers you have and/or instructions to make your favorite pom-poms!  We’ll set up several “making” stations around the room.  If anyone would like to lead a make & take, let us know of your interest along with a list of supplies needed to participate. We’ll send the info out to the rest of the members. Also, if you’d like to practice making some Poms that match your existing projects, bring some yarn!  All weights and types of yarns can be turned into cute pom-poms.

AT 10 AM

Meeting Minutes

January 2020 Minutes

This Month:

Welcome new members and guests. We had one new guest, Debbie Paxson.

Birthdays in January:

Kelli Bold
JoAnn Crawford
Marsha Graciosa
Kathy Howard
Clara Stoner

January Program

Teresa Furnish hosted a fun afternoon of Bingo with prizes.

If anyone has program ideas, please let Teresa know.

Guild Business

The meeting came to order by Janet Bubl, our new president.

UFOs for 2019

We had a discussion on saving the gift certificates for another occasion, as there were only a few participants. Members discussed whether to do this again in 2020 or have a contest on the most challenging projects.

SMKG CafePress Store

Teresa shared a bag and a water bottle with the Salem Millstream Knitting logo. If you’d like to purchase items, you can find them in the SMKG CafePress store. The cost of the items is set by CafePress, and we can add a markup if we’d like to make a profit. We did NOT add a markup because the idea is to make them available to you at the lowest cost possible.

Beach Retreat

Su Fennern reported that the final payment for the retreat is to be paid in full by February 15. Contact Sue Munson to find out the exact amount.

Show and Tell

The show and tell projects are too many to report; it’s a challenge to get all the names and details. So it’s been suggested to have a form passed around for everyone to write down their show and tell projects with all the details. This will start in February.

Patterns for January/February

Next Meeting

February Charity Sit & Knit

We’re going to have a sit & knit for charity! If you already have projects that you knit for charity, bring them along! We will take some time for everyone to share the patterns they use when doing charity knitting. If you don’t have any charity knitting, here are some free patterns that can get you started making items for other folks.

Hats of all kinds!

Here are some patterns that you may want to purchase that give proceeds to various charitable causes:

Hope to see you there!

AT 10 AM

Meeting Minutes

December 2019 Minutes

This Month:

Birthdays in December:

Su Fennern
Patti Locicero
Donna Cowan

Guild Business

Annual Election of Officers: Nomination Committee

Following the voting, Janet Bubl was elected President, with Ginny Floyd as Secretary. At the January meeting, there will be a more formal installation of the new officers.

Bi-Monthly Knitting Patterns Discussion

Mary Mocklin will continue to provide two patterns every other month. Guild members really like this activity. Many stated that they like the simple pattern and then an advanced pattern. Mary will have two new patterns in January.

Membership Renewal Gifts Discussion

For 2020, there will not be any gifts for renewing your membership and attending in January. There will be small gifts to new members joining the Guild. Throughout the year, there will be opportunities for members to win prizes, especially pens with the Guild’s name on it. The Pee Chee type folders that were previously handed out will not be continued. The information provided in the folders will be available on the Guild’s website under the Members Only section (i.e., items such as the member roster, etc.). With the cost-saving new practices, an increase in dues will be reviewed in 2020 for 2021.

A notice will be sent out to all members once the new Members Only section is developed and tested. You can find the website at:

Have you looked at the Guild’s Ravelry page lately?

Web Master: Cindy Barrick will continue to be the Guild’s Web Master for 2020.

Additional agenda items:

UFO’s for 2019

Reminder to finish by December 31 and bring your list to the January 11 meeting. There will be a prize for the most items completed and a prize for the oldest item(s) completed.

Color of the year 2020: Classic Blue

A timeless and enduring blue hue, Classic Blue is elegant in its simplicity. Classic Blue brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge. Classic Blue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era. Classic Blue aids concentration and brings laser like clarity. Classic Blue re-centers our thoughts and fosters resilience. Classic Blue encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking; challenging us to think more deeply, increase our perspective and open the flow of communication.

UFO activity will continue in 2020.

Salem’s New Yarn Shop

Salem has a new yarn shop! It’s called Wild Knits and is located at 310 High Street NE, Salem, OR 97301 in the Equitable Plaza downtown. The business hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM. Stop by and let the owner, Holly Mueller, know you’re a Guild member! She has a Facebook page:

Upcoming Events

Show and Tell – All

Projects shared:

Next Meeting

2019 UFOs and/or Goals results; knitting Bingo

Snacks, Set-up and Clean-up: Debbie Juul and Lynda Hoodward

Hope to see you there!

AT 10 AM

Meeting Minutes

November 2019 Minutes

This Month:

Birthdays in November:

Terri Brown
Mary Mocklin
Sue Munson

November Program

Theressa Silver provided an excellent presentation about gauge and types of yarn. She had some samples that illustrated her point and brought patterns and her book, Knitting Wild, for sale. She was wearing her shawl By Popular Demand, which many of us admired and purchased the pattern (it’s also available on Ravelry).

Guild Business

  • Next month’s meeting is on December 14 at our normal time, 10 to noon. We will be having our annual Holiday Brunch, so please bring something to share. We’re also going to set up a table for anyone who would like to bring yarn or other items to give away for those of us who might like to do some stash clearance before the end of the year. We’ll also set one up for items that you want to sell. Please note that items for sale must be clearly marked with your name and the price you’re asking. You also are responsible for managing the sale (collecting money/providing change, etc.).
  • Guild member dues are due by the end of the year. Please bring your payment to the December meeting or mail them to us with your renewal form.

Patterns for November/December

Show and Tell

Projects shared:

Next Meeting

Potluck! Bring some goodies to share.

Set-up and Clean-up: Teresa Furnish and Ginny Floyd

Hope to see you there!

AT 10 AM

Meeting Minutes

October 2019 Minutes

This Month:

Birthdays in October:

Janet Bubl

October Program

Our very own outstanding member, Ginny Floyd did one bang-up job of guiding ten of our members as they worked on their Mom Slippers. Thank you, Ginny, for all your time in preparing for this session and also for your basket full of patience as you graciously worked with each of these ladies today.


Currently, some knitters meet on Tuesday at Teaslewick.  This group has grown and needs to locate another place to knit that accommodates about 20 knitters.  If you know of a place, or you would like to join this group, please contact Terri Brown.  Terri also shared that it is possible to meet at Terrace Lake, but she needs to know how many would be interested before she contacts Terrace Lake to see about a day and time for the group.  Terri can be reached at 503-559-0654 or by email at

Sue Munson read an interesting article out of the AARP magazine about knitting.

Kelli Bold reminded us that the first payment for the Guild’s beach retreat in May 2020 is due by October 15, 2019. The first payment is $127.50 and should be sent to the Guild’s mail box: P.O. Box 3444 Salem, OR 97302.

Kathy Goebel has knitted 17 hats using the yarn donated to the Guild. She has the hats today to share with us. The hats are being donated to the Salem-Keizer Assistance League that provides items to students within the Salem-Keizer School District.

November Program

Yarn 101 by Theressa Silver – This class will cover everything you need to know to successfully combine yarn, pattern, and needles to create finished items that you’ll be proud of. The first part of the class will be spent learning about the what, why, and how of gauge. You’ll learn how to knit an accurate swatch, both flat and in the round, and how to correctly measure gauge from the swatch.

Discussion during the session will cover adjusting gauge as needed and the relationships between yarn weight, needle size, and gauge, so that you’ll be able to confidently make yarn substitutions.

You’ll learn about the different fibers, plied yarns vs. singles, and other specialty yarns such as superwash, “thick and thin,” and what each kind of yarn is best suited for.

Show and Tell

Projects shared:

  • Nancy shared two shawls she recently completed: Saroyan and Pebble and Beach. Both patterns are available on Ravelry.
  • Janet just finished her Wingspan. Pattern is available on Ravelry.
  • Kathy G. talked about the hats she’s made for the Salem-Keizer Assistance League.
  • Sharon showed her Christmas hat. The pattern was a kit.  She is still working on the Endless Wrap.
  • Kelli shared a shawl that she is working on but has lost page 2 of the pattern. 😦
  • Debbi was wearing her recently finished poncho. The pattern is in a book, so if you would like it, talk with her.
  • Patty finished the mystery knit along (MKAL) that she started last month. The pattern is available on Ravelry.
  • Patty also knitted the Mousey Mitts by Karen Hoyle that was shared at last month’s meeting.

Next Meeting

Snacks: Terri Brown and JoAnn Crawford

Set-up and Clean-up: Janet Bubl and Patty Scruggs

Hope to see you there!

AT 10 AM

Meeting Minutes

September 2019 Minutes

This Month:

Birthdays in September:

Teresa Furnish
Jenny Morton
Marcia Smith

September Program

Designer Kelly Forster with KIS Designs presented.

Kelly is a knitting designer and teacher from Silverton, OR. Kelly also manages Apples to Oranges shop in Silverton. Besides the standard knit items, Kelly also designs knitwear jewelry.

Kelly shared many of her designs and patterns with us. Kelly also invited us to join her at Main Street Bistro in Silverton on September 18 from 6-8:00 pm for Pints & Purls.

Pints & Purls Special Guests: Leann & Toni
Leann from Silver Falls Fiber Company and her dyeing partner Toni of Farm Girls will be joining us this Wednesday, September 18 at Pints & Purls.

This dynamic duo create beautiful hand-dyed yarn and spinning fiber. They will be sharing a little bit about their process as well as an assortment of deliciously colorful items with us.

Please come out and support these very talented local artists!

You can see more of Kelly’s designs on her website:

Check out her blog at:

Guild Business

Treasurer’s Report

Sue Munson reported on the finances of the Guild for the April – June quarter.

  • Guild’s general account balance: $335.15
  • Beach Retreat account balance: $2,186.44

Patterns for September/October

Additional agenda items:

Beach Retreat

Currently the Retreat is full. A waiting list has been established. The Retreat is open to Guild members only until December 1, 2019. After December 1, if there are any openings, others may apply.

October Program

Checkerboard Slippers – Ginny Floyd will walk us through the making of these slippers during next month’s meeting. Please print out the pattern and bring it to the meeting if you are planning to make the slippers with us.

Show and Tell

Projects shared:

  • Joyce is making another Pincha Shawl – pattern is available on Ravelry. She also shared a bowl that she made. The pattern is in the book Sewing Pottery By Machine and is available from several companies on the internet.
  • Debbie was wearing her recently completed summer shell. The pattern was from a Creative Magazine several years old.
  • Patty is doing a mystery knit-along (MKAL) called “Oh, Gnome, You Didn’t” available on Ravelry.
  • Teresa finished her Bubble-icious socks with the Solar Flare yarn.
  • Val is knitting (and knitting) on her Endless Wrap shawl.
  • Nancy was wearing her Pebble Beach Shawl.
  • Ellen was wearing her Hitofude sweater.
  • Sue Munson shared her scarves that she made during her three-week fishing trip. (She’s not going fishing again any time soon.)
  • Mary showed two of her recently completed projects – On the Road Shawl and Across the Generations.
  • Laura showed us her Crazy Hair hat that she made for a celebration. She is currently working on a Southwest Sunrise Shawl.
  • Kathy is working on her third Hitofude sweater, the same one that Ellen was wearing today.
  • Sue Tyvoll has made a knitted market bag. She has several that she crocheted, but this is the first one she knitted. The pattern is from Red Heart.
  • Cindy hopes to have at least one pair of socks done by the end of the year. She shared two sock toes in progress (from two different pairs).
  • Marcia is working on a kit that she purchased from Teresa Ruch (our presenter from the August meeting). The pattern is available on Ravelry.
  • Kathy G. has been knitting with some of the yarn donated to the Guild. She’s completed 17 hats and will credit the Guild for donating to the Assistance League. Here’s a link to a chart for hat sizes.
  • Mary won a basket from the Knitting Bee Shop during the Rose City Yarn Crawl. She showed us the Birds of a Feather shawl she made from yarn in the basket. She also shared a pair of mittens.

Next Meeting

Presenter: Ginny Floyd
Yarn and straight knitting needles will available if you are needing some for the slipper workshop in October with Ginny.

Snacks: Kelli Bold and Sue Munson

Set-up: Patty Scruggs and Patty Locicero

Clean-up: Teresa Furnish and Patty Scruggs

Hope to see you there!

AT 10 AM

Meeting Minutes

August 2019 Minutes

This Month:

Birthdays in August:

Sandy Galbrath
Kathy Holt
Tia Purdy

August Program

Teresa Ruch brought us a trunk show of her luscious Tencel and bamboo yarn in fabulous bright colors. Teresa’s yarns are used not just by knitters but also weavers.

Teresa shared so much information about indie dyers, obtaining Tencel for her yarns, and much more. The presentation was very informative.

Guild Business

Joyce shared that members have stepped forward for the Secretary and President positions. The election will be held during the November 2019 meeting.

Show and Tell

Projects shared:

  • Janet Bubl and Marsha Garciosa shared their recently finished potholders.
  • Kathy Goebel shared two hats she has completed. Kathy will gladly share the pattern name if you want it.
  • Mary Mocklin was wearing her Coax shawl.
  • Clara Stoner shared a new find – the Woolly Bean Bag.
  • Tia Purdy showed a darling romper for her upcoming grandchild.
  • Su Fennern showed two shawls – Serenade by AspenKnits, and Marble Sky by Jekaterina Dmitrijeva, which hasn’t been released yet.

Teresa reminded everyone that the Guild does have a Ravelry Group. If you’re not a member, you might consider signing up. There are currently 99 members.

Next Meeting

Presenter: Kelly Forster of KIS Designs
Yarn and straight knitting needles will be at the September meeting if you are needing some for the slipper workshop in October with Ginny.

Snacks, Set-up, and Clean-up: Marcia Smith and Sue Tyvoll

Hope to see you there!

AT 10 AM

Meeting Minutes

July 2019 Minutes

This Month:

Birthdays in July:

Debbie Juul
Terry Sevold

July Program

We had a relaxing time chatting, eating, and catching up. What a wonderful abundance of food – there were many great salads, not to mention the very flavorful meat balls, the fresh home-made cheddar-walnut bread, and great desserts. Thanks to everyone for whipping up such delicious foods!

Upcoming Meetings

August Meeting

Teresa Ruch is bringing us a trunk show! Teresa has visited the Guild before with her luscious tencel and bamboo yarn in fabulous bright colors.

October Meeting

Ginny Floyd will be teaching how to make checker board slippers.
Here’s are the supplies needed for the slippers:

  • Two contrasting yarn colors in worsted weight yarn. Red Heart works great as you want something durable and washable.
  • Size 10 needles – longer needles preferred to get all 60 stitches on. Ginny recommends straight needles.

If you don’t have yarn or needles, both will be available at the meeting.
If you have started or made these slippers, please bring them with you to the meeting. We would love to see them.

Snacks: Mary Mocklin and Clara Stoner
Set-up crew (arrive by 9:15): Kathy Howald
Clean-up crew (stay until finished): Teresa Furnish

Hope to see you there!

AT 10 AM

Meeting Minutes

June 2019 Minutes

This Month:

Birthdays in June:

Karen Lemmon
Sue Tyvoll
(We’ll wish Janet Bubl a Happy Birthday in October!)

Welcome New Members and Guests:

Lynda (not a resident of Terrace Lake)
We hope to have her join us again soon!

June Program

Liz Lisowski of HighFiberArtz was not able to attend, but Su Fennern presented a program on knitting needles. She found a Free Guide to Knitting Needles from Interweave available for free, and she compiled some Facts About Knitting Needles. Items covered included cleaning of needles, materials needles are made out of, different types of needles, different needle points, what yarns to use with which needles, and more handy tips.

Guild Business:

The Treasurer’s Report will be presented by Sue at the July meeting.

2019 Beach Retreat (Su)

We had a great time! There were a total of 28 attendees, but due to a medical issue one did not attend. There was $1,468.55 received in donations from vendors that were used for door prizes and items for the individual swag bags.

2020 Beach Retreat (Kelli)

We will have a great time! The Retreat Committee members for 2020 are Kelli Bold, Ginny Floyd, Kathy Howald, Karen Lemon, Sandy McCause, Katie, McDougall, and Jean Weber. We currently have received deposits from 30 potential attendees. A waiting list will be established, so if you’re interested in attending, please contact Kelli Bold.

Nominating Committee (Joyce)

There are three members interested in the Secretary position: Joyce Cook, Ginny Floyd, and Debbie Juul. We will vote for one Secretary in December. The Committee is still working on nominations for the President position.

Discussion on the future of the Guild – To continue with the established Guild, the Oregon Secretary of State and the Oregon Department of Justice requirement is for at least three board members/officers. A discussion was held among members about the positions, and Kathy Goebel volunteered to run the meetings if someone else wants to do all the other presidential duties except that. If interested, please contact Joyce Cook for additional information.

Charitable Donations (Su for Kathy)

A total of 146 items have been donated between January 1 and May 31, 2019: Hats (142) – 76 to Africa, 3 to Shaken Baby, 63 to Father Taffe; 2 scarves to Father Taffe, 1 cowl to Father Taffe, and 1 afghan/blanket to Father Taffe.

Patterns for May/June

Mary has found some nice summer tops: Happy Go Yellow and Cascata.

Show and Tell:

Projects shared included:

  • Clara shared her three recently finished shawl projects: Romi Hill’s MKAL; Clara’s Rainbow Wrap; and Transient by Michelle Hunter.
  • Mary finished a Camomille Shawl by London Loop.
  • Kathy Goebel used one of the One Skein Wonder books and finished a Cowl, Ella’s hat and a 4×4 seed stitch scarf.
    Knitting Tip: Don’t give a knitted gift item that needs to be re-blocked after cleaning.
  • Cindy is working on the Copilot cowl and didn’t know if her cast on was twisted or not until she completed several inches. (It’s not twisted!)
    Knitting Tip: When knitting an item such as a hat, cast on and knit the first row flat, and then join in the round. Close up the opening using the cast on tail.
  • Karen is working on a baby hat using her new short needles made special for hats, cuffs, etc.
  • Lynda (a visitor at today’s meeting) shared a recently completed dinosaur hat by Maria’s Blue Crayon.
  • Marcia shared her recent experience working with magic loop and making yoga socks two at a time. She ended up making the heels one at a time.
  • Teresa has a new small project knitting bag. She finished her Branching Lace Cardigan – and unknitted it all, with the yarn waiting to tell her what it wants to be.
  • Ginny shared her pair of Checker Board Square slippers that she finished. Clara was the lucky recipient of the slippers. Ginny has offered to teach these slippers at an upcoming Guild meeting. There are some more free patterns on Ravelry:
    Checkerboard Slippers
    Pantoufles à carreaux avec tutoriel
    Cushy Slippers
  • Joyce shared her Kindness knitalong Shawl.
  • Debbie shared that she used one of Ginny’s techniques that she learned at the Beach Retreat to make a baby blanket and gave it away as a gift. She shared her poncho with a turtle neck that she finished.
  • Su shared the Split Decision summer tee she tested knitted for KisDesigns – Kelly Forester.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for July 13. It’s a potluck, so bring some food to share, and we will mostly knit and eat.

Set-up crew (arrive by 9:15): Cindy Barrick
Clean-up crew (stay until finished): Teresa Furnish
Hope to see you there!

AT 10 AM