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September 2022 Minutes

This Month


Happy September Birthday to:

  • Teresa Furnish
  • Debbie Paxson
  • Marcia Smith

Happy October Birthday to:

  • Janet Bubl
  • Nelda Gill

If we missed your birthday or have you in the wrong month, please let us know!

September Meeting Minutes

Mela Hoyt-Heydon from Atelier Mela (Fine Millinery) at the Willamette Heritage Center demonstrated and gave fashion advice on how to wear and enjoy neck attire (formally known as scarves and shawls). Mela also shared about her life as a costume designer and many insights on designing the right attire.

Mela curated a Pinterest collection called ‘scarves’ with links and videos showing the ways she shared and many more. (If you don’t have a Pinterest account, see below for direct links to the various websites.)

Show & Tell patterns shared this month included Impossibly Possible socks and Bark Lines shawl. We also enjoyed seeing a granny square purse and a balaclava.

Aran Learn Along

The October pattern is the Honeycomb Stitch. Tia Purdy will give us the history of this stitch. All previous monthly patterns are on the Guild’s Learn Along page.

If you are having any issues with any of the stitches, let’s talk on Saturday.

Upcoming Events

October Meeting

Debbie Juul will be showing how to use a Tuscan crochet hook. She will show how to make a pumpkin with this method. It’s a basic pumpkin which can be embellished in many ways, including leaves, vine, and stem.

Supplies needed:

  • A Tuscan crochet hook (we have some for people to use); or a regular crochet hook with a rubber band wrapped around the end can be used. Size of hook will determine the size of pumpkin, so any size is fine.
  • Any orange, brown, or green yarn you want to use.
  • A stick (if that is the kind of stem you want).
  • A tool bag with scissors and yarn needle.

We will have Poly-fil for group use.

Coral Reef Project

Check out the Coral Reef Project on the Salem Millstream Knitting Guild website, including a selection of patterns – both knit and crochet. You can also visit Coral Knit Fiber Arts and click on the “The Community Coral Reef Project” for more information and inspiration.

Other Local Events

Pinterest links:

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