Meeting Minutes

January 2021 Minutes

We had 16 people attend our Zoom meeting on January 9.  That was our biggest turnout since we started meeting virtually.  Hopefully we’ll have even more in February!

Guild Business

Dues for 2021

Last month, we sent membership forms and ballots along with a stamped envelope to return info to us. We received 28 dues responses with dues as of January 9. We have not yet deposited the dues because of the transition of board members, but if we received your dues, we sent you an email.  If you sent your dues and did NOT get an email, please let us know.  We will stop sending emails to past members who have not paid dues by the end of January.  Of course, you can rejoin any time!  If you would like to be a member but cannot afford dues right now, please contact us.

Board Elections

Along with membership dues, we also received ballots.  Members elected Teresa Furnish as Secretary and Debbie Juul as Treasurer.  We had some write-in votes for Vice President and are checking with them to see if they are interested. If not, we will need to have some volunteers step forward if we want to have a program at our monthly program.

Show and Tell


We asked for photos from members so we could put together a slide show to highlight some of our great knitting.  We had 8 people respond, and Teresa put together a presentation with pictures of these amazing projects!

It’s a bit time-consuming, but it was also really fun to see, so we’ll be doing one every three months.  The plan is to have one for April, July, and October.  So, look for a call for photos!


  • Knitting from Books and TV
    • You can find many cute “Miss Marple” patterns on Ravelry (if it’s safe for you to use), including the sock patterns by Ambrose Smith, who also has two Jane Austen collections in addition to her Miss Marple Collection.
    • If you’re a fan of a book or TV show, try searching for it in Ravelry.  Here are some from Downton AbbeyStar Wars, and there’s even a Great British Baking shawl and cowl.  There’s also a shawl worn by the character Nakia in the Black Panther movie. It came into existence because knitters noticed the shawl in the movie and talked about it all over social media. The costume designer, Ruth E. Carter, responded and shared Jeff Gillies’ pattern on Twitter.  It has since been added to Ravelry. The point here is that if you love a knit you see in a show, there just might be a pattern for it!
  • Stephen West’s Hiberknitalong is going on now. During the discussion about Hiberknitalongs, we discussed weaving in ends and how much so many of us dislike it. Stephen West has a video about weaving in ends as you go!  You can find it on YouTube:  Weavin’ Stephen
  • We also discussed where to find unique buttons.  Both Mission Mill in Salem and Brigittes’s Place in Albany came up.  If you have any other sources, let us know, and we’ll share with everyone.

February Meeting

Patty Scruggs and Kathy Goebel will be sharing how to make fingers for gloves. To knit along, please prepare a fingering weight swatch. It should be 25-30 stitches by 2 inches. You could also choose to start making yourself a pair of Basic Plain Gloves or Gloves for Kids, or a pattern of your choice. Work them up to where the fingers start, and you’ll be ready to go! Thanks, Patty, for the patterns! Kathy works on DPNs, and Patty uses Magic Loop, so you should be able to participate with either method.

Without a Vice President, we need members to come up with ideas and reach out to potential presenters. Let us know if you can help.

The same Zoom link works every month, but we’ll send it again closer to the meeting date (February 13).  Hope to see you then!

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