July Minutes

First to remind everyone that our summer picnic is next month, Saturday, August 13th each person will need to bring their own plate, silverware and cup.  Bring a food dish to share and since this is at 9:30 till noon maybe brunch type items would be good.  This will be held right at the Mill up on the hill above the stream.

Our September meeting will be a yarn swap/sale/trade and it does not have to be just yarn.  You can bring bags, books, patterns or anything you want to trade or sell.  We will make up some tags to use for marking your items.  So start thinking of cleaning out that stash.

We discussed some ideas to do for next year’s meetings.  If you have any ideas please let us know.

Our speaker this month was Laura from Textile A Manos.  Some of you may have seen her booth at Black Sheep.  She brought lots of yarn and
patterns to sell and had some nice finished samples to show us.  She explained her whole dying process and it was very informative.   Laura gets her dye color ideas from nature and pictures.  Some of her sources of pictures are travel magazines, Georgia O’Keefe books and impressionist art books.

Laura always starts with natural white not bleached white yarn.  She dyes all of it with a base color and then does her custom hand painting to the skein.

Laura saved the best for last and showed us what she calls the silk hankie scarf.  This is something we will be having Laura come back to teach us.  It may be at one of the meetings or we may have to have it on a different day.  This would be something that there would be a charge for and would be paid for by those of us who want to take the training.

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