August Minutes

We had our annual picnic this month and due to weather it was held indoors.  But if you add a table cloth to the table it is a picnic still the same.  Everything tasted so good.

Karen Talked about the purple hats for babies at Emmanuel Hospital and had patterns for us.  I ran into Su the other day and she said she had  stoped at the new Joann’s and they had a good selection of purple yarn that is washable.  These need to be collected by October, so if you have any made by next month’s meeting, bring them in

Next month meeting we will be having our annual sale/swap/trade.  Bring anything you no longer want (Books, patterns, yarn or bags) and see if someone else does.  I handed out tags to place on your items.  I will attach a page of the tags with the email.  Kathy and I will be coming from the retreat for the meeting and we will see if we can get anyone else to visit for the morning.

October our speaker will be Laura Irwin who wrote Boutique Knits.  Laura just got married this summer and her last name is now Flores.  She will be sharing with us how she goes about designing and show us samples of the items in her book.

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