June Minutes

Tash Wesp, a fiber artist from Newport, was the guest speaker at our June meeting.  She does not knit, but rather she works with roving and fabric to create wall hangings, 3-dimensional art, and garments.  Tash takes silk or cotton fabric, layers roving over the fabric, and then felts the two together.  It is a labor intensive process which produces beautiful lightweight garments of incredible beauty.  Through experimentation, she is able to produce one piece hats, coats, vests, shawls, skirts, and more.  Each garment is a one of a kind piece of art.  She has shown her work in galleries and museums.  Recently she has begun dying garments with leaves.  Unusual to say the least.  To view her work, you can go to ForArtSake Gallery in Newport or go on-line to www.tashwesp.com Tash also teaches a limited number of classes at the Sitka Art Center at the Coast.  Her e-mail is  tashwesp@charter.net

There are several events which you need to mark on your calendars.

Black Sheep a large expo featuring all things spinning and knitting, June 24-26 in Eugene.  www.blacksheepgathering.org

Sock Summit at the convention center in Portland, July 28-31, socksummit.com

Shaniko Wool Gathering September 10 and 11 which is held in Eastern Oregon and is put on by the High
Desert Wool Growers.  It will feature weavers and spinners, vendors, and
entertainment.  www.shanikowoolgathering.com.

Also Penny Cook is now setting up the retreat for local knitters, and some not so local, which will be held September 9-11 at Silver Falls Conference Center.  It is a fun time where you get to meet and chat with like-minded women who share a love of knitting.  Although there is presently a waiting list, you might want to get on that said waiting list as spots do open up.  Contact Penny at pcook@proaxis.com. The cost is $73 a night and includes meals.

We will be knitting at the State Fair this year.  Our time is Sunday, August 28 from 10 to 3.  It would be nice if we could have a really good showing as we have had at other events this year.  (The Knit in Public Day at the library had at least six knitters there all day with many more at times.)  lease think about setting that day aside.  I would like to run two shifts.  You do get free entrance to the fair.  I will have a sign-up sheet at our next meeting.  The coordinator would needs a list of attendees by August 1.

Our July meeting will feature Textiles a Mano, a dyer and artist from Eugene.  August will be our picnic which is held during our regular meeting times.

Also Dale is knitting small booties for donating to Salem Pregnancy Resource Center.  This is a Pro-life project through her church.  If anyone else would like to knit some, she will collect them at the meeting and deliver them for you.

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