May Minutes

This month we had Gail – The Angora Lady come and speak about her angora rabbits.  Her business name is Windsor Farms Rabbitry.  Gail has
been raising her angora rabbits for their fiber for 25 years.  These rabbits are German Angoras.

She brought pictures of the rabbits and they are the cutest little guys.  A 10 pound rabbit can produce 1 pound of fiber in 90 days.  Gail sends the fiber to be processed and it is mixed with a bit of merino wool when she gets it back in skeins she has to wash each one of them and that makes the fiber have the nice blooming effect.

Gail not only sells the awesome fiber but the bunnies too so if you are interested in spinning you could raise your own.  She also had some very beautiful shawls and scarves made from her angora.

In June we will have Tash Wesp coming to show us her felting.  The same day is Knit in Public
Day.  After the meeting at the Mill anyone who would like can join us at the Library to do Knitting in Public.

Every Saturday from 1-4pm a group of us knit at the Broadway Café Coffee Shop – we would love to have you join us there whenever you can.  At this point we do not have a room, you will have to look around the different seating areas of the 1st floor to see what area we got seated in.  If we get a room we will be on 2nd floor.

Hope to see you all next month and happy knitting!

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