April Minutes

Just to remind everyone next weekend is the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival in Hood River.  www.lavendersheep.com/cgff.html

This month we had Sivia Harding join us to teach us about the Mobius cast on and show us her designs. Sivia uses the mobius design in cowls, shawls, a  headband and even a sweater she is designing with that as the top.  She brought many of her designs to show us.  Many of her designs had beads in them as well.

The Mobius is unique in that you cast on, which then becomes the middle and you are knitting out both directions.  The shawl she was wearing and showed us how the mobius idea works and how the cast on ends in the middle, is called Harmonia’s Rings.  Here is the link http://www.siviaharding.com/patterns/harmonias_rings_cowl   Sivia also had many of her other designs to show us.  She brought Socks, leg warmers, gloves, sleeves and scarves.  As promised here are some links to find Sivias patterns.  The yarn shop in Portland that carries her patterns is Twisted www.twistedpdx.com   on line places listed below:

www.Ravelry.com (search for Sivia Harding In pattern search area)

www.SiviaHarding.com  Her own web site

www.Patternfish.com  click on Shop link and then you need to know the name of the pattern to search for it.  This site lets you buy without using PayPal.  The other sites will only use PayPal.  You can look on the other sites to get the name of the pattern you want and then come here to search for it.

Here is the best video for the Mobius Cast on.  Cat Borhdi is the person who originally created this cast on and this is her video.  She used to be a grade school teacher and is very good at teaching knitting now.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVnTda7F2V4

To practice you will want a long (40 to 50 inch) circular needle.  Sivia said she starts with 90 stiches cast on for the Harmonia’s Ring cowl.  When you knit the first row these 90 stitches turn into 180 stiches.

We will be meeting at the Broadway Coffeehouse (by Salem Alliance Church) 1:00 – 4:00 pm on all Saturday afternoons and will help you learn the mobius cast on if interested.

This month we had several new visitors and hope they enjoyed the meeting and will be coming back.

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