Broadway Coffeehouse Knitting

We have been meeting for a couple of months at the Broadway Coffeehouse to knit on Saturday mornings.  1300 Broadway St. NE,  Salem, OR 97301         Phone:  (503) 990-8139 ‎   Web: broadwaycoffeehouse.com

We have decided to change the time for meeting to the afternoon from 1:00pm – 4:00 or 5:00 or however long you have.  That way you can get errands and yard work done in the morning and come join your friends to chat and knit after.

They do not have lunch type foods just snack kinds of things.  We are looking at getting a meeting room there and then we will always be in the same place.  Will keep you posted on that.  We had 9 people show up last week.

3 thoughts on “Broadway Coffeehouse Knitting”

  1. Hey knitters, what a wonderful place for knitting! I always stop there on the way home after Sunday church, for a nice cuppa mocha, love,love Broadway Coffee House!!
    Would like some info about knit meetings, please?

    1. The Millstream Knitting Guild meets the second Saturday of the month (except May we meet on the 18th this year). Meeting is from 10 – noon at 5422 Portland Rd. NE, Salem, OR it is the Arrowhead Mobile Home Park, we meet in the community center. May we are having a special event – yarn sale. 5 vendors are coming to our meeting to show us their alpaca, angora (rabbit and goat) and Icelandic wool. We would love for you to come.

      The coffee shop group meets on Sunday from 1- 4 every week. Please feel free to join us at either of these two knitting locations.

      My name is Donna and my phone is 503-930-4733 if you need more info.

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