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March 2022 Minutes

This Month


Happy March Birthday to:

  • Mary Blossom
  • Lynda Hoodward
  • Ginny Mahoney

We have no April birthdays listed on our roster! If we missed your birthday or have you in the wrong month, please let us know!

March Meeting Minutes

Hooker’s Corner

We had a presentation from Catherine, owner of Hooker’s Corner in West Linn. She shared how she started dyeing yarn, her flight from the Paradise fire in California, and moving to Oregon. Of course, she brought lots of beautiful yarn for us to purchase. If you missed it, check out her store.

Aran Learn Along

We began our next section of the Learn Along with pattern #3, Blackberry. We heard the history of the stitch from Sandy and got started on it.

In case you missed it, we have a Learn Along page on the website with all the information you need to get started.

Support for Ukrainian Designers

You’re undoubtedly aware of the current situation in Ukraine. If you’d like to support a designer living in Ukraine, Ravelry’s filter function allows you to view and purchase patterns by designer country. There are sweaters, hats, socks, mitts, toys and much more in the more than 3,000 patterns in the list.  

If you’d like to see other ways you can help Ukrainians – and others in crisis – you can visit the Red Cross website. If you’re considering donating to a charity, please take a moment to read this AARP article on how to make sure a charity is legitimate. It includes a handy list of Do’s and Don’ts to help spot a scam and make sure that the gifts you provide fulfill your good intentions.

Upcoming Events

April Meeting

Coral Reef Project

We’ll be meeting from 10 to noon Saturday, April 9. We’re pleased to have Christine Wertheim from the Coral Reef Project. We’ll be in the Dye House for this month, so there will be room for lots of guests!

Janet Bubl and Su Fennern put together a handy one-pager with a link to project information and links to 15 knit and 15 crochet patterns. We now have a new Community Fiber Coral Reef page on our website with all of this information. Thanks, Janet and Su!

Coral Knit Fiber Arts is creating an installation which will allow people to walk through an underwater fiber art world. They welcome donations of healthy and bleached corals, underwater creatures, and items knitted and crocheted from reclaimed and recycled plastics. The goal is to emphasize the beauty and diversity of the undersea world while educating about climate change and pollution by maritime plastics.

A group meets in Lincoln City at the Lincoln City Cultural Center every second Saturday from 10-4. The deadline is August 1, 2023. They hope to display the reef at a number of locations throughout the Pacific Northwest starting at the Lincoln City Cultural Center in September 2023. 

You can visit Coral Knit Fiber Arts and click on The Community Coral Reef Project for more information, patterns, and inspiration. All techniques and skill levels welcome! Tag your projects on social media #pnwcommunitycoralreef.

Aran Learn Along

For 2022, Su Fennern is leading the Salem Millstream Knitting Guild (SMKG) in a year-long Learn Along of Aran knitting stitches, in the form of a sampler scarf. Each month, we get a new stitch, and April is the 4-stitch Cable.  In January, a handout was shared on “How to Work Cables.” You can locate this information on the Guild’s Learn Along page if you need a review.

Reminder: the Hatch Stitch borders and the 6 rows of garter stitch before and after each new stitch continue with pattern #4.

With Christina Harness’s presentation of the Coral Reef Fiber Project, April’s pattern is being provided in advance. You are more than welcome to get started on your cables, just print out the April pattern from the Learn Along page. There will be copies available at the April meeting for members without home printers.

May 14 Field Trip!

We’re taking a field trip to Ewethful Mill in Halsey. Bring your own lunch. There is room for us to sit and knit after the tour. Tours cost $10 for members and $15 for guest. Sign-up and payment will be in April.

You also may want to take a side trip to some of the area yarn shops.  A quick Google search found these two — if you know of any others nearby, please share:

The Learn Along stitch for May is Irish Moss, which is being researched by Cindy Barrick.

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