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January 2022 Minutes

This Month


Happy Birthday decorations over purple, pink, and green yarn balls and a pair of straight knitting needles

Happy January Birthday to:

  • Marsha Graciosa
  • Kathy Howald
  • Patti Togioka

Happy February Birthday to:

  • Joyce Cook
  • Susan Hawkins
  • Patty Scruggs

If we missed your birthday or have you in the wrong month, please let us know!

NOTICE: If you have not paid dues for 2022, you will be taken off the mailing list for the next SMKG newsletter. Guests are generally taken off the mailing list 3-4 months after the last meeting attended. We hope you’ll consider staying with us!

January Meeting Minutes

Learn Along

We kicked off the Learn Along in our January meeting.  In case you missed it, the following PDF files have all the information you need to get started.

If you have questions, please contact Su Fennern.

January Board Meeting

The Board met for a brief time after January’s meeting to discuss potential changes to the By-Laws and Procedures. We also discussed the need for a Hold Harmless agreement. We will be discussing these documents during the February meeting. The next Board meeting has not been scheduled.

Knitting Guild of America

Last month, Nelda Gill mentioned that she had spent some time looking at the web site for The Knitting Guild Association, and we though some of you might be interested, too. Membership is available for individuals, and benefits include access to training classes, a quarterly education journal for knitters called Cast On, and the potential to obtain a variety of knitting-related certifications.

Items for Sale and Request for a Hat Repair/Recreation

Knitting machine and supplies for sale

Hi, My name is David Imel and I was given your Guild’s info in hopes that you could help me. I lost the love of my life to cancer in September and I have just now started going through all her knitting and sewing things, she used to do a lot of knitting, both by machine and by hand and in the last few years just concentrated on her sewing. I am hoping that someone in your group would be interested in buying some of her things, I live in Albany if someone wants to come and check it all out. I have researched a lot of her things on the internet to help with pricing and want you to know I am not trying to make top dollar for her things, I would take a reasonable offer in hopes that it would go to someone who would put it to good use. Here is a list of the things I know I have right now:

  • Knitking Electroknit KH 965i
  • Brother Rib Attch. KR850
  • Stand for the Electroknit
  • Brother Color Chg. KHC820-A
  • Knitting Computer KC-III
  • Knitking KH910
  • Brother Pro Wool Winder Super Jumbo KA7197
  • Brother Sewing Machine CS6000i (was her backup machine, only used a couple of times)

I have approx. 71 cones of yarn, some have been used a little, most were imported from the U.K., here’s a list of what’s there:

  • Bramwell 4 ply acrylic
  • Yeoman Panama acrylic
  • Forsell 4 ply Super Wash Wool
  • Forsell Thistledown Silk (Lambswool/Silk)
  • Denys Brunton Designer Yarn (cotton/acrylic)
  • Jagger Bro. Lambswool
  • Bonnie Triola (cotton)
  • Collins & Aikman

If anyone is interested please leave a message on machine, I don’t always answer the phone if I don’t know the caller.

(Contact Board member for contact info)

Spinning wheel and drum carder for sale

Good afternoon, I have a spinning wheel in excellent condition and a Fricke drum carder on a stand that I am interested in selling. I don’t spin anymore so I thought I would sell them. I thought you might have an idea of someone who might be looking for a wheel and carder?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Cindy Kimball

(Contact Board member for contact info)

Request for a hat repair/recreation

Jeanne Bond-Esser’s dog ate holes in her favorite hat, and she’d like to pay someone to figure out a pattern and knit a replacement – or two! She’s sent some photos and it appears to be a tam style hat in reverse stockinette. She’d be happy to meet with anyone interested so they can work with the damaged hat as a pattern or maybe even repair it.
(Contact Board member for contact info)

Upcoming Events

February Meeting

We’ll be meeting on February 12 from 10 a.m. to noon on the first floor of the Mill building at Willamette Heritage Center. Hope you can join us!

Aran Learn Along

We’ll be moving on to the next section of the Learn Along: Pattern #2 – Tree of Life. You’ll need to bring:

  • Yarn – Aran weight (a light color makes it easier to see the stitches)
  • Knitting needles, the appropriate size for the yarn – generally a size 6
  • Cable needle

Contact Su Fennern if you have any questions.

Guild Business

Please review the SMKG Bylaws and SMKG Procedures; we’ll be taking a vote to accept them at the February meeting. You need to be present in order to vote. We also need all attendees of Guild meetings/activities to sign and return the SMKG Hold Harmless form. If you have any questions about any of the documents, please contact one of the Board members.

Show & Tell

Bring along your projects to share!

March Meeting

Our March meeting will be at the Willamette Heritage Center (aka Mission Mill) on March 12, 2022 from 10 a.m. to noon.

Community Coral Reef

If you’re interested in the Coral Reef project and a road trip to the coast – read on! A Facebook group called Crocheting & Knitting in Pacific Northwest has plans to meet at the Eugene Textile Center in Eugene on Saturday, February 26 from 10-3.  They also meet in Lincoln City at the Lincoln City Cultural Center every second Saturday from 10-4.

Coral Knit Fiber Arts is creating an installation which will allow people to walk through an underwater fiber art world. They welcome donations of healthy and bleached corals, underwater creatures, and items knitted and crocheted from reclaimed and recycled plastics. The goal is to emphasize the beauty and diversity of the undersea world while educating about climate change and pollution by maritime plastics.

The deadline is August 1, 2023. They hope to display the reef at a number of locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, starting at the Lincoln City Cultural Center in September 2023.

knitted coral reef parts in multi colors
The Community Coral Reef Project

You can visit Coral Knit Fiber Arts and click on The Community Coral Reef Project for more information, patterns, and inspiration. All techniques and skill levels welcome! Tag your projects on social media #pnwcommunitycoralreef.


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