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October 2021 Minutes

This Month


Happy November Birthday to

  • Terri Brown
  • Mary Mocklin
  • Sue Munson
  • Ellen Nordal

Happy December Birthday to

  • Pam Dixon
  • Su Fennern
  • Sharon Kaminski
  • Patti Locicero

If we missed your birthday or have you in the wrong month, let us know!

October Meeting

The meeting on October 9 was held in-person at Willamette Heritage Center (Mission Mill) from 10 a.m. to noon. We sat in tables near the register for Teaselwick Yarns, and Tracey even gave us candy. It was I Love Yarn Day, so Janet and Su both came prepared with some fun trivia.

It was great to see people’s projects in person. Members shared sweaters, hats, mittens, and a two-at-a-time sock that had been placed in time-out for being difficult. (Haven’t we all been there?!)

YouTube Podcast/VLOG

Looking for something to watch while you knit in the coming months? The Ewethful Fiber Farm & Mill has a YouTube channel with a couple dozen episodes called Being Ewethful. You can find them by searching on YouTube or just click this link.

Charity Knitting Opportunity

If you’re looking for a new way to share your knitting and care for others, take a look at this article that Patty Scruggs shared from The Knitting Space newsletter: Knitters Create Gloves for Kids, Adults with Limb Differences.

Knit for a Unique Fit is a Facebook group that helps people with limb differences connect with knitters from all over the U.S. Stellan Sparks is one such boy, and having received his customized gloves from a knitter in Atlanta, he was super happy – he wore them every night for two weeks straight!

photo by Tak Sparks

Sad News about a Local Yarn Store

Soft Horizons Fibre at 412 E 13th Ave in Eugene is closing its doors. The following was posted on the store’s Facebook page on October 16:

🍂Time goes by and as the seasons change, so do our lives. Our thoughts reflect upon the past while we anticipate our future. Since there is no immediate family member or friend to carry on the Soft Horizons traditions it is with mixed emotions that I feel the time has come to retire and open the door to discover my “new horizons.” While I will truly miss the shop, I relish the opportunities that await me.

All of us at Soft Horizons would like to thank you for your dedicated support, friendship, and patronage for almost 42 fabulous years. We hope to see you soon!

10% off ALL Malabrigo, baskets, and alpaca teddy bears
20% off ALL other yarns, needles, notions, and accessories
40% off ALL in store books and patterns
Our garment sale continues as well as our “back room bargains.”

Soft Horizons Fibre

Join the Community Coral Reef

Coral Knit Fiber Arts is creating an installation which will allow people to walk through an underwater fiber art world. They welcome donations of healthy and bleached corals, underwater creatures, and items knitted and crocheted from reclaimed and recycled plastics. The goal is to emphasize the beauty and diversity of the undersea world while educating about climate change and pollution by maritime plastics.

The deadline is August 1, 2023. They hope to display the reef at a number of locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, starting at the Lincoln City Cultural Center in September 2023.

You can visit Coral Knit Fiber Arts and click on The Community Coral Reef Project for more information, patterns, and inspiration. All techniques and skill levels welcome! Tag your projects on social media #pnwcommunitycoralreef.

Upcoming Events

November Meeting – In Person!

We will be meeting at Willamette Valley Heritage Center (aka Mission Mill) on November 13 from 10 to noon. The address is 1313 Mill St SE in Salem. We will meet in the area by Teaselwick Yarns. Hope to see you all there!

We are excited to have a presentation by David Altman. He teaches a course at Willamette University about knitting culture and provided the following summary of his presentation:

“During the last decade, knitting, crocheting, and the fiber arts in general have experienced a remarkable increase in popularity in the U.S.  In part, this is because activities such as knitting have the ability to play many roles and serve diverse functions. Knitting can be practiced as a craft, and it can also be a medium for art and fashion. Knitting can be used to express political views, and it can also simply be a way to relax. And these various facets are not mutually exclusive. For example, if I am knitting a sweater with an American flag on the front, I may be partaking in craft, political activism, and leisure all at the same time. The goal of this talk will be to discuss. the impact and value of knitting through a multidisciplinary approach, exploring its significance through the lenses of history, fashion, politics, and science.”

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