August Minutes

This Month’s Thanks to Gail Smith of Windsor Farm Rabbitry, Silverton Oregon for sharing her time and knowledge and wonderful yarns with us. Thanks also to Nona Finch for her help, Be sure to stop by and say hi if you are at Off (Oregon Flock and Fiber) next month.

OFF – Please contact Clara Stoner cstoner61@gmail.com or Mary Stoner chaiyoda@msn.com if you want to participate in the fun on Saturday Sept. 23 or Sunday Sept. 24.

Yarn Crawl: We had a total of 12 participatants, Our winners were Marsha Graciosa, Nita Porter, Terry Sevold, Joyce Arthur, Janet Bubl, Teresa Furnish, Kathy Goebel, Sally Gwynn, Terri Brown, Patti Locicero. Su Fennern and Kathy Howald were also winners but elected not to participate as prize winners.

August patterns :
Eclipse by Jacquelyn Ridgy http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/eclipse-4 Lunar Eclipse by Heather Davis http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lunar-eclipse

Show and Tell:
Quilted Lattice Ascot Fingerless gloves from sock yarn
Falling Leaves Cardigan
Waverly Lace Poncho Eclipse Shawl from Apples to Oranges
Leaves on a Vine from Tangled Purls
London’s Calling from Spinners Barn (Ravelry)
Light as a feather Oregon Sunstone beads on finterless mitts

Next Month – Cast on techniques, – Nita Porter, Teresa Furnish, Patty Scruggs, and Kathy Holt. Bring scraps of worsted weight yarn, knitting needles and G or H crochet hooks.

September Snacks – Kathy Howald and Patti Locicero

The Twiddlemuff/Mitts are on our website under charities.
Taffee House can use anything for babies, youths, adults, and elderly. Acrylic prayer shawls for Nita Porter’s church. Prayer shawls for hospice groups – Nancy Campion will get these to the hospice organization.
AT 10:00 AM

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