August Minutes

This month we had Michael and Sheila Ernst of Glass Pens or as we know them Glass knitting needles, come to tell us about how they make the needles.

They have been in business for over 30 years, starting with making perfume bottles, earrings and trinkets. Michael then started the glass dip-style pens which lead to the knitting needles. Sheila is a knitter and had the idea of knitting needles. Michael took 3 years to get them perfect. They are made of Pyrex type glass and it doesn’t stay soft for long so have to work quickly to shape. He makes 2 pairs at a time in a multi-step process. It takes about 4 hours just to get to the point where the diameter is right, he then makes the tip/point and joiner which takes another 45 min. The last step is a heating process that gives the glass its durability. After done they still need to be polished and then they are the greatest thing to knit with! If you missed the meeting you can find them at OFF this fall and Black Sheep next spring. They also have nice stich markers, shawl pins and buttons of glass as well. The needles have a lifetime, no fault repair warranty in case anything would ever happen to them.

Next month we will have Meredith from Springtime Farms coming to talk about her local Salem Alpaca farm. She will bring her alpaca yarn and Snuggly Toes

I am still looking for donations for HOPE STATION by our October meeting. Hope Station is a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support to working individuals in need by providing grocery products, clothing, and educational classes. http://www.hopestationcsi.org/

Robin has made an awesome shawl that will be used as a raffle gift to a name drawn from those that contribute a donation. Make any hats, scarves, mittens or fingerless gloves, preferably with washable yarns, so we can donate as much as possible by the time it gets cold. All sizes needed. One drawing chance for each item. Thank you!

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