June Minutes

This month Vivian Aubrey came to speak to us about Photography “writing with light”. She was a great speaker, explaining how it is best to use just the awesome sunlight to take our photos.  Also, that our cloudy days in Oregon are actually perfect for getting the best work out of our camera.  She explained a lot about how to get your subject (for us our knitted projects) to really be the star of the shot.  Vivian also gave lots of great ideas about how to have the best background to not take away from your subject.  Vivian does give classes on how to use your camera better, these can be found on the Twisted website.  www.twistedpdx.com 

I now expect to see very good shots of your finished projects posted both on your Ravelry website and on the Millstream Ravelry Page.  We need more of you to chat on our page.  If we all use this page others looking for a knitting group in Salem will see that we actually do exist and not that the page was just a once upon a time kind of thing. 

Next month we will be doing our summer potluck and the location will be my backyard.  The address is 5305 pike ct. south.  Please bring a dish to pass and I will have coffee, tea and both lemon and lime water here for beverages.  You will also need your own place setting.

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