September Minutes

Well we started our meeting by talking about where we will be meeting in the future. The Mill has raised the rent for us to $700.00 a year so we are no longer able to meet there. We have found a new meeting location — Karen Lemmon lives at the Arrowhead Mobile Home Park and they are allowing us to use their Community Center for our meetings.

The address is 5422 Portland Road NE, Salem, OR 97305.  This is up I-5 to the Portland Rd/Hwy 99 exit, turn right and go 1.5 miles and driveway is on the right. It is just a 1/4 mile before Chemawa Rd. There is a right or left as you come in either way will take you to the Community Building it is Blue and runs at an angle. We need to leave three parking spaces open at all times by the mailboxes so the mail truck and residents have space to get their mail. We can park on the streets around the building as well. I figured some folks will form carpools after our first meeting and then we will have less cars to park.

Here is a link to a Google map http://goo.gl/maps/tGNAL

The room is really nice, it has lots of windows and a sliding door. It also has a full kitchen for our Christmas party with a counter that runs around it. We will be able to serve coffee for our meetings as well.

We are also going to change the time so next month the meeting will start at 10AM instead of 9:30. Our meeting next month will be on blocking so it works out great to have the kitchen sink right there to soak the shawl we will be blocking.

I think it is time to have everyone bring with them any websites they buy yarn at or find videos on how to things for knitting. I have recently been told about a few sites I did not know about. There are many good sites to use to help us with our craft and our meeting is a good place to share that info with others. That would work well for our October meeting.

The Sale/Swap went over well, everyone went home with new to them items. We will have to see what comes back to show and tell made from the yarns and books that were sold and swapped.

The Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival is September 22nd (9 – 5) & 23rd (9 – 4) Clackamas County Fairgrounds Canby. Free Admission & Free Parking. Hope to see you all there.

I heard that when Tracy, from Teaslewicks Yarns, heard about how we were pushed out of the Mill building, she wrote a letter to the Management. She let them know that she did not feel it was right how they did this.  She is worried that we will not want to shop at her store because of this. Tracy had nothing to do with us leaving the Mill building and no one needs to boycott her store because of it. When one door closes another opens and I think this will be a good thing for us. Our new room is bigger and closer for some that have been driving in from north Salem, Keizer and Portland. It will of course be further from those of us that live south but it does seem it is our turn to drive a bit.  Also it is close to the Keizer Station mall so we can all shop after the meeting.

So for next meeting — New time, new address, still same date October 13th. Bring all your web sites and any other interesting info to share in regards to knitting. Also if you have something you want to know how to block bring that with as well.

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