August Minutes

Well this was our annual picnic had only 6 people show up but I heard the food was great (I actually got to taste some of it, Terry brought some by for me and it was good!)  I didn’t make it because I had just had surgery but I am much better now.  Was sad to hear only 6 people made it, last year we had around 23 I think.

Maybe we should take a show of hands at the next meeting to see if we want to do a picnic next year.  Is it that it is too early for a picnic and on that day we should start later or hold it at a park?

The September meeting is our annual Swap/Sell/Trade event.  The only way this works is for many people to want to part with things, they once bought and now may be reconsidering if they will ever use, and others to want to buy these items.  We will need all of you to come out of the woodwork and be present and accounted for.  Where have you all been hiding?  Saturday knitting at the coffee shop has been a small group too.  I realize the sun finally came out but I still miss seeing all of you.

So, Bring your Yarn, patterns, books and bags/baskets you are willing to part with and come find some new things you want to take home with you.  I have enclosed some little pricing tickets to put on your sale things and we will have a place for you to lay your things out.

October will be training on how to block shawls and things.  I will be bringing blocking wires and mats and I am knitting up a Summer Flies shawl for blocking at the meeting.  People can do a hands-on learning by pinning it up with me.  We have had a lot of requests on how to do blocking so hope all those that want to learn can make this meeting.

November will be the gal from Upstream Alpaca to talk about her farm and share her fibers.

Also start thinking about what things you would like for next year, classes or speakers you can think of and send me a note or email.  Another thing for next year is we will need new board members.  Most of the positions will be retiring and to keep the guild going we will need someone to step up and take their places.  I will be staying, but cannot do it all by myself so, if you would like to help me out here and volunteer, I would be very grateful!!!

Hope to see you all,

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