November Minutes

The December meeting is our Holiday Party so hope to see you there. Remember to bring a dish to share and your own place setting for eating.

We had also decided last meeting that if anyone wanted to, they could bring a gift for a child and we will get them all to one of the collections sites for Christmas giving.

At November’s meeting we had magazines and books that people brought in for our new library shelf. There is no checking out, it will just be a shelf to take anything you want, and if you have anything you no longer want, you can leave things on the selves. Lots of books and magazines went home with new owners. The bookshelf is located on second floor of the mill building.

We received a thank you for all that participated in making the purple hats for babies.

Anyone interested in making baby blankets for donation can do so by Dec 16th for the Helping Hands store on 13th Street.

We discussed things to do for next year’s meetings. If anyone has any suggestions for what they would like to learn or who we could have come speak at the meetings, please give me a call. (503) 930-4733

For membership this year (2012) we are still at the 15.00 but we have decided to have a donation box out anytime we have a speaker to help pay the cost. However, for 2013 we will raise the membership fee to 20.00 and keep the donation box for speakers.

A few months ago when Laura from Textiles A Manos came to speak at our meeting she showed us some silk scarves she had made with the “silk hankies”. We had talked about taking a class on this from Laura. We found out that we cannot do the class at the Mill so we are thinking of doing it at Laura’s shop in Eugene. How many of you would be interested in taking this class? We would set up carpools to get there and back. Let me know what would work for you as well, like week nights or weekends. Give me a call if you want to attend so I can get something set up. We are also looking to see if there is somewhere else in Salem that we can use some space to do this.

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