October Minutes

This month we had Laura Irwin come to speak. Laura wrote and designed all of the items in “Boutique Knits”. She had her samples with to show us the designs and also some things she has created since that book was published. She had copies of her book for sale as well. Many bought the book and I expect to see many of the projects being worked by our guild members soon.

Laura is an excellent speaker and a perfect hat model. She explained her design methods and how she creates her designs based on her background of working in a hat shop and her art education. Laura now also has a shop with two other designers, one does jewelry and one wedding things. She gave each of us a discount card for her shop. I can’t wait to visit, sounds like a good day trip she is located near a few restaurants I have been meaning to visit and a wine bar along with some other cool shops in that area. Her shop is called Haunt and the address is 811 E. Burnside, #113. If need directions the phone is 503-928-7266. Laura’s web page is http://www.preciousknit.com

We again mentioned that we are looking for anyone interested in becoming an officer for the Guild Board or who would like to just sit in this year to see what we do, then become a board member in a future year. Someone will need to step up soon; those of us on the board have done this for a few years and will want a break. We are all willing to continue for the next year but would like a few new folks to show interest in coming on board by 2013.

If you haven’t heard yet we have a retreat scheduled for March 30 – April 1 at the Silver Falls Retreat cabins and would need to get a room reserved for you if you are interested. Please call me to get on the list. We have 17 people so far that will be attending this first annual retreat. This is not paid for or sponsored by the Guild but is open to Guild members and also friends that are not guild members.

With these minutes I am sending a copy of the membership form for next year’s Guild. Please fill this out and bring or mail to us before the end of the year. We would like to have the roster completed at the beginning of 2012.

For November we will be starting our bookshelf, so bring any magazines, patterns or books that you no longer want and we will put them on the bookshelf on second floor. Anyone can become the new owner of any of this material at any time and there is no check out or return needed.

Also bring any website addresses that you use for purchasing yarn, books or patterns. We will all share these and I will put them in a list to send with the minutes. We will be talking about what web sites you like, which designers you like and have easy to follow instructions and any other things you think will help your fellow knitters.

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