Meeting Minutes

February Minutes

We had a large group this time around.  Our subject this month was beading.  We had training on the different ways of adding beads into your knitted projects.  In addition to the handouts we have a few links that people suggested for your information as well. This one is using needle and dental floss to attach the beads on the bind off of a shawl.  Knitty .com beads 101 lesson on both stringing on and using a crochet hook.

 Connie Paulson brought in JC Briar’s new book on chart reading.  If you want a copy and did not get it Saturday, you can contact Connie.  (Membership roster is attached).

One more link for the cable braided necklace pattern by Olga Buraya that Sue Tyvoll had shown for show and tell.

Also, place to get cheap yarn (Dorothy’s vest)

First weekend in March is the Portland Yarn Crawl – 16 shops and a great map on the web site.

Our web page is now up and has content.  We have tabs on the top of the page.  One is for events, I have posted all the upcoming events for the year, with their web links.  On the right side there are links to Ravelry, Yarn and Pattern places.

We will add a page link at the top to list upcoming topics for our monthly meetings.

On Saturdays we have found a place to knit, Broadway Commons Coffee Shop at 1300 Broadway Street NE.  9:00AM – Noon.  We will be meeting here all but the 2nd Saturday of the month.  We are hoping to get a big group to come join us and anyone who needs help with knitting or a project could get help at this time as well.

2 thoughts on “February Minutes”

  1. Welcome to the internet, Millstream Knitting Guild! The website looks great.

    Question for you. Which ones of the Yarn Places give a discount to Millstream Knitting Guild paid members? I want to be sure to support those vendors who support us. Thanks!

  2. All of the LYS (Local Yarn Shops) listed on the right are ones that give the guild members a discount — they are also listed on the back of the membership card. The online yarn companies listed just have very low prices every day, but you don’t get to touch and feel first.

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