October Minutes

This Month’s Thank you Bobbie Dolp for sharing your wealth of information on steeking and for sharing your amazing knitting.

OFF – Clara shared that the Twiddle Mitts due a lot of attention and that people were very interested in them and how they are used. Thank you Clara for doing a wonderful job in representing our guild and thanks to all who helped Clara out by spending a few hours or more of your day to help represent the guild.

Clara also reported that there are only a couple of spots open for the retreat and if you are interested you need to contact her before October 31.

October patterns:
Crochet Flower – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/octobers-flower-calendula-marigold
Knee Bats http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/knee-bats
October Hat and cowl https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/october-hat-and-cowl

Show and Tell:
Snow Angel Shawl by Boo Knits Test Shawl
Birds of a Feather Andrea Mowry Guitar hat
Star gazer Mitts Headlands Beannie by Galzanne Knits
Garter Frenzy by Galzanne Knits Scrap hats for shelters
Solar Eclipse from yarn crawl Troll Hat
Entrelac Hat Vest – Knit in Style Mag. 2007
Tree of life socks- Knit picks Dragon Fellows
Going Home hat Eyelet Shawl – Library book
Shawl with armholes Baby SweaterS
Star Showers Fingerless mitts
Xmas Stockings Light as a feather
Color works hat and matching socks Hats
Vests by Coco Knits

Next Month – Michelle Powell Magnetic Closures

November Snacks – Ginny Floyd, Nancy Campion
Setup/Cleanup Vollunteers – Marsha Graciosa and Marcia Smith

Taffee House can use anything for babies, youths, adults, and elderly. Acrylic prayer shawls for Nita Porter’s church. Prayer shawls for hospice groups – Nancy Campion will get these to the hospice organization.
AT 10:00 AM

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