March Minutes

This Month’s meeting we had the pleasure of hearing from Gail Smith about her Angora rabbits and the opportunity to purchase some of her luscious yarns. Thank you Gail.

Laura Wagman is collecting an assortment of unused items, buttons, fabric, yarns, art and craft supplies. She is using these items to teach some young crafters.
You can contact Laura directly or bring the items to the next guild meeting.

Next Month –Heather Lawrence will be presenting products from Skeino. Skeino is a new company. More than 50% of the employees in this company are challenged. We will need you to bring a check or cash to pay for anything you wish to purchase. We can only send one check back but our guild will receive 10% of our total sales for use by the guild.

Snacks for April – Patti Locicero/Karen Lemmon

Charity for 2016 – New beginnings – baby items but not blankets. The 50+ club, is looking for hats, scarves and mittens. Salem Veterans can use anything and it can be for adults, children or babies. Acryilic prayer shawls for Nita Porter’s church. Prayer shawls for hospice groups – Nancy Campion will get these to the hospice organization.


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