November Minutes

This Month Bonne Marie Burns brought us a fashion show.  As our lovely models strolled around the room, (thank you ladies) Bonne Marie told us about her start in the design business.  She started working with clothing and tailoring which is what shaped her way of knitwear design.  Bonne Marie was a really good speaker.  It was fun to learn about how she has gone through several changes in the way she designs and constructs the knitted items she writes into patterns.  We all had the opportunity to purchase her great patterns that were printed on nice booklet like card stock.

Next Month will be our Holiday Potluck.  So don’t forget to whip up a little something before you come.  Brunch type items would be best because of the time.  No speaker, just a time to eat, chat and enjoy your fiber friends.  Do bring your knitting and any show and tell.

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