June Minutes

This month JC Briar spoke about stich maps. She showed us how stitch maps more closely match the pattern as it will look on your project. If you missed the presentation, you will need to visit her website and play around with a free account. http://www.stitch-maps.com Stitch maps work best with lace patterns. You are able to easily see which stitch should be below your current stitch and can easily follow a segment all the way through. JC’s site has been up for a year and has over 1000 stitch patterns available. You can put your written pattern in and it will convert it into a stitch map. There are great search features on the web site and also swatch photos of the patterns. JC is working hard to add new features all the time. You can find a page on Ravelry and Facebook about this site. It is only $15.00 per year to subscribe to the site and then you have access to more features and can keep our patterns private

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