October Minutes

This month we were unable to hear from Colleen, Our Chiropractor but she will be coming in February instead.  We did have time to chat and do show and tell and that is fun to do as well.  It seems we never have time to just hang out together when we have speakers each month.

Cindy had a great idea:  we need to help hook up knitters that want to learn a new technique with someone that can help teach them.  If any of you have a need to learn a certain technique, just email me and I will see who I can find to help you out.

November’s Meeting is our Swap/Sale of anything yarn or knit/crochet/spinning related.  This would be yarn, fiber, bags, books, needles and hooks …..  Bring your things you no longer want and they can go home with someone who will love them.  Make sure you have tags on them before you get here to note what price and who the owner is.  You can arrive by 9:30 to set up at a table. 

We will also have a couple of guest sellers who we met at the Tigard Knitting Guild and she has an inexpensive really neat counter that wraps around your thumb and you can easily click your rows without stopping.  The other gal sells really cute greeting cards with sheep on them.  I also have really nice bags that Kay of the Tigard Guild sews.  She was not able to attend but did give me the bags to sell for her.

Hope to see you all at the meeting to get some geat deals!


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