May Minutes

This month we had 5 women bring us fiber and goodies.  We met this group of ladies at OFF this past fall and asked them to come to our guild to have a Spring Fiber and Food Faire.  Thank you all for supporting these ladies with your purchases.  These ladies are kind of unique in that they raise the animals, do the shearing, and spin and dye the fiber themselves.  The food was great too and goes so well with fiber.  Best caramel corn I have ever had.  These ladies did an awesome job and were a lot of fun too.  If you go to OFF this year look them up they share a double booth there.

Contact info:       

Carrie Culliton – www.harvestmoonangoras.com  bunny angora & wool
Mim Myren – Mimm481@gmail.com (alpaca)
Sue Muncy – www.pleasanthillfarmangoras.com Angora goats – Mohair                            
Molly Golter www.theartinme.com  (coming soon)  Bunny angora and wool                            
Friday “The Bakers Dozen” here in Salem, can bake you up some sweet treats give her a call (503) 581-2893 

Next month we will have Vivian Aubrey who will talk to us about taking picture of your knitted projects.  How to give your creations the center stage they deserve.  Then we will all have the greatest pictures on Ravelry of our latest projects.  I find Ravelry a great way to look back and see what you have done over the past year.

Heirloom Labels has contacted me with info, and I will bring samples  of the custom labels to the next meeting.  www.heirloomlabels.com

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