March Minutes

This month our speaker was Ilisha Helfman who talked about Jazz Knitting. Unfortunately she did not really explain how to do this technique.  Ilisha showed us a presentation on how she got her art appreciation and pictures of her projects.  We had really wanted her to talk more in the line of how to do this process.  Also, she was supposed to have some kits for sale to make the butterflies and her patterns available for sale.  We would like to apologize that the presentation was not what we were expecting.  You can find Ilisha on Ravelry as Jazzknitter and her forum called Jazzknitting.

Don’t forget you can see upcoming events on our web site – www.millstreamknitting.com  Events tab at top.

April 4th – 7th will be our Spring Knitting Retreat on the coast at Rockaway Beach.  If you didn’t sign-up this year, hope you give it a try next year.

Next month (April 13th) Karen Lemmon will be talking about Portuguese Knitting.  Bring extra yarn and needles.  We will supply the pin you need to run the yarn through.  We will have a video and Karen also has a good book on the subject.

MAY we are having a special event so our guild meeting will be the 3rd week instead of the 2nd week.  Mark your calendars now.  We are having 5 women come with all kinds of fiber and some foods as well.  We met this group of ladies at OFF this past fall and asked them to come to our guild to have a Spring Fiber and Food Faire.

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