December Minutes

This month we had our Holiday Party.  Lots of good food, quiches, breads, scones, cookies, oatmeal bake, crackers and cheeses and more. We had time to chat and knit and just relax – we missed any of you who could not make it.

For anyone who already knits at the Broadway Coffee shop or anyone interested in joining us there, we have changed from meeting on Saturdays to meeting on Sundays from 1:00pm – 4:00pm.

Shirley had a very cute simple little cowl on and she showed us how it was made.  So if you need a quick little gift for Christmas this could be your ticket.

Any bulky yarn

Size 13 needles

CO 34 stiches and knit for 50 rows. The diagram did not transfer to here sorry.

You will then fold the top and bottom opposite corners toward the center and whip stitch the edge stitches together for about 5 or 6 ridges.  Then you sew a cute button on that center section when you kind of cinch this section together.  Folding the one half over and you wear the button in the back and twist the corners to your fancy and it looks great in the open neck of your coat.  To see a better example go to Anjie’s Ravelry page (Oresotanchic) and see her first finished project.

Our next meeting is at the Arrowhead Mobile Park on January 12th at 10:00am and Carol Richmond will be our speaker.  She will teach us about yarn weights and which fibers work for different kinds of projects.

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