Board Positions


The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership, all meetings of the Board of Directors, and shall be an ex-officio member of any committee established by the guild.

The President with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors shall appoint standing committees to be established by the guild.

The President sets the agenda and conducts the guild and Board of Directors meetings.

The incoming President shall appoint an auditor who shall audit the treasurer’s books from the previous guild year. The report of the audit shall be made at the March meeting.

An individual may serve no more than two (2) consecutive one (1)-year terms as President at a time. After an absence of no less than four (4) years, an individual may be nominated, elected, and serve no more than two (2) consecutive one (1)-year terms as President.


The Vice President presides over meetings in the absence of the President and assists other officers in their duties, as needed.

The Vice President engages with presenters for the Guild meetings with the exceptions of July’s potluck and December’s Christmas Brunch. The Vice President also maintains stewardship over the Guild’s In-Focus projector and makes it available for use during meetings, when needed.


It is the responsibility of the treasurer to handle the money coming in and going out of the Salem Millstream Knitting Guild (SMKG) account. The treasurer makes deposits, writes checks, balances the checkbook, checks the post office box and gives a quarterly report at the March, June, September, and December guild meetings.

Post Office Box

The PO Box is located at the post office located at the corner of Portland Road and Sunnyview Road. The box number is 7662. Check it at least once a month. Especially toward the end of one year and beginning of the next—when membership dues come in.

Most times there will a bank statement from Umpqua Bank or junk mail. You and the president will each have a key to the P.O. Box. You will pay the box rent once a year. You will receive a notice in the box when it’s due.


SMKG has a checking account at Umpqua Bank. The two signees on the account are the treasurer and the president. Anything related to banking is in the portable file box. Be sure to balance the checkbook every month. Maintain all banking records and information in the file box.


A visitor to the guild can come to two meetings before having to pay dues. The dues are $24 if paid January through June. If paid July through December, the dues drop to $12. You will deposit dues as given to you. If in the form of a check, make a copy of the checks for your records. If cash, make a list with the name of the member and how much was paid. Once the dues deposit is made, send an email to the guild secretary so she can update the roster. Give her the names who have paid, with any information changes. With new members, their information should be on the membership form. List their names with all the information on the membership form. (If needed, the forms are in the portable file box.) Most of the dues will be given to you at the meetings.


At times members will purchase things for guild use (paper goods, copies, coffee supplies, annual membership gifts, etc). There is a form to request reimbursement (in the file box) or you can reimburse based on original receipts. In the check register, note the persons name and what the reimbursement is for. Occasionally the guild will purchase flowers or cards for members who have had a death in the family or who are ill. Occasionally a reimbursement will exceed $250/$300, and the board must approve.


All presenters will be reimbursed for mileage based on the federal reimbursement rate.

Some presenters will change a fee. If that fee is over $250/$300 the board will approve fee and you will issue a check for that amount.


The guild sponsors a retreat each spring. In order to keep the checking account in order, the treasurer will maintain a separate check register for the retreat.

When deposits/payments are received, make copies of the checks and a list of the cash payments. Enter deposits in the regular checking account as “Retreat – $xxx.xx”. Do not add to the regular checking account. Post the information in the Retreat register.

When balancing the check book, be sure to remember to add in the Retreat subaccount.


Attend Board Meetings and record minutes and assist in decision making for the guild and assist in preparation of agenda for monthly agenda for minutes.

Record and publish and send minutes from guild meeting. (Three by U.S. mail – all others electronically). Publish the minutes on the website (webmaster does this). Publish agenda for monthly meeting. Assist with monthly meetings and fill in as necessary.

Maintain and update website (webmaster does this).

Communicate with neighborhood newspapers for monthly events.

Send out communication electronically.

Help set up and clean up after monthly meetings.

Maintain membership forms, membership roster, posters, snack sign up sheets, and any new documentation.

Set up communication with charitable organizations, obtain requirements, and deliver items to the organizations (or appropriate guild member).